I came across an interesting story of a man impersonating a newspaper reporter. A 68 year old man, Gary Medrow, has been arrested in Greenfield for impersonating a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Medrow has alledgly contacted about five female athletes trying to schedule personal interviews and photo opportunities. Fortunately, no interviews had been scheduled. (View story here)

I’ve heard of  men pretending to be big photographers in order lure women in to take advantage of them. In some cases these “photographers” have even killed these women. Had Medrow actually been able to schedule an interview with any of these female athletes, expecting the worst, imagine what could have happened!

It’s quite sad that you have to question the sincerity of people you come in contact with, even “reporters” and “photographers.” But doing so may be saving one’s life. Thank God for the alert parent who intercepted a phone call from the impersonating reporter. His actions have stopped this man and could have possibly prevented something far more criminal from happening!