Professor Bland shared a great article about ethical blog writing with us, Best Practices for Bloggers: Dimensions for Consideration. It was certainly relevant for our blogs for Media Ethics, but the information can be used for other personal and professional blogs. The article basically outlines what every blogger should consider when creating a blog and posting entries.

Although with blogging, someone can be a bit more candid and opinionated than other forms of media, they still should consider certain ethical standards. If they choose to make a public blog the authors should try to maintain credibility and accountability with its readers. One should always provide the truth for their readers. Even in the event of new information becoming available or changing, it’s okay to make updates or new posts with corrections. It is also the authors responsibility to cite the sources. These are pretty much the same things discussed in the codes of ethics we’ve discussed in class.

The article also discusses updating blog posts regularly to build an audience. This is something I deal with, even in my personal blogs. I never regularly update, and as a result, have no followers. No one wants to keep checking a blog thats rarely updated. I have to make the effort to post more often! Using category/tags/titles are said to help with reader accessibility. I agree! When reading other blogs those features help me navigate a little better. I will be tagging and categorizing my entries from now on.

All the information in this article is VERY HELPFUL and will be used in the future for my other blogs!

view article here