Early voting has started around the country. This past Saturday, October 27, it began in Florida. Sunday was “Souls to the Polls” and Monday, FAMU held a student march to get students to participate in early voting. There are even vans that run every hour to take students living on campus to the polls. I think these initiatives are great and hopefully effective in getting younger people out to vote. 

I wasn’t able to participate in the march Monday, but I voted Sunday morning after church. Although this was not my first time voting, I was really excited about making my vote count this time around. I loved being amongst older people that took so much pride in voting. I haven’t always seen the importance of voting. I’ve never really understood or cared much for politics. The policies seemed irrelevant to me so I never took the time to really understand what it was all about. 

Social Networks opened my eyes a lot to the issues involving this election. I made an effort to understand what the candidates stood for. I actually watched the debates, something I’d never done before. In doing so, I realized that both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had very different ideals on where they wanted to take this country. 

I’ve come to understand the importance of my vote and why my people fought so hard for this right. Certain issues may not directly affect me at this time, but as it turns out, effects people I know and love. It’s not just about me. 

So I’ve made sure to do my part, and make my voice heard!